1st March

Good Morning All

Yesterday Result. Lost -1 point

February Total -3.17 points

Month Stats.  18 bets, 7 wins 11 losses

Not the greatest finish to the month yesterday. Braga couldn’t even score when the opposition were reduced to nine men!!!!!!!!. So, moving on and a small change to the staking system. I think we will have a go at the method I am using on Revs Choice. So, using a start bank of £100, for me, you can choose whatever you like, I will use a stake of 2.5% of the bank per single match bet. Let’s see how we get on for this month.

Starting off with three picks today, so that will be £2.50 per game.

1.00pm. England Professional Development League. Sheffield United v Hull. HW

7.00pm. Holland Eerste Divisie. Emmen v Helmond. HW

7.45pm. England National League.  Wrexham v Kings Lynn. HW

2.5% on each match.

Good Luck to all who are playing.

The Rev

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