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Yes of course. You will receive login details upon successful payment.

Is payment secure?

Yes 100%, all payments are securely handled by Paypal.

How easy is it to cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel for any reason it is very easy to do so. There is a Manage Subscription button in your members area where you can simply press a button to cancel, or pause and resume your membership subscription.

Will I get instant access?

Absolutely, immediately after your transaction. Simply click “access my product” on the payment confirmation page and you will be automatically logged in to the members area. An email will also be instantly sent out with your log in details.

Will I profit using The Football Predictor?

Betting or by its very nature carries a risk, and hence it is the responsibility of each client to make their own independent decisions when it comes to betting or trading on our selections. We provide the information based on our own assessment, and best of our ability. We do not guarantee any financial gains to any individuals.

You will have 7 days to see our predictions and results. You can simply observe without making any bets.

Are there predictions every day?

Yes there are selections daily, the amount being governed by the amount of Football matches being played on any given day. Weekends are the busiest time for example.

Do I have to be a seasoned betting pro?

Not at all. Our members area is designed to be used and understood by anyone even if you have never made a single bet before.

Will the price stay the same for me?

Yes whatever the subscription terms are when you join The Football Predictor is what you will pay as long as you remain a member. As you are getting in right from the start this will be the lowest price it will ever be. If you cancel and want to rejoin at a later date, you will have to rejoin accepting any increase in price.